What We Do

The PSDC team has provided over 20 years of structural design and consulting services in both the private and public sectors. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been at the core of production throughout those years. PSDC provides our clients with a range of possibilities for each unique project and has gained a reputation for its hard-working, relentless efforts throughout the design and construction process. We specialize in:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Connection Design and Consulting
  • Forsenic Engineering
  • Special Inspections
  • Building Information Modeling and Laser Scanning

It is said that “grit cannot be taught.” However, PSDC’s founder had a great example in his parents to see firsthand what it meant to have “grit.” And with its roots grounded in these principles, PSDC stands to be an example of true grit by upholding these characteristics:


We aim to provide our clients with solutions that we can stand by completely. We take great pride in the product that we produce.


We always seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients through proper vetting of all available design options as opposed to limiting the possibilities.


Even after projects are complete, we maintain an ongoing conversation with our clients to ensure the quality of our work product. We value our client relationships beyond the project deadlines.


No project is too small, no client unimportant. When you work with us, you will have our utmost attention to the end and beyond.